A key competence of the SGE lightweight systems is the production of 2K-Injection molder parts.

Air ducts in the engine compartment, manufactured in the hard / soft compound, show the advantage of stability in terms of the function to lead air, as also a possible reversible deformation if crash is up to 15 km / h. exemplary here to call the air flow to the cooling water heat exchanger. This airflow is made 2 K injection molding component as all-in-one complex.




Air flowcharge air cooler

The intake manifold for heating and air conditioning air must show a certain freedom of water, which is essentially achieved by a clever arrangement of the ribs.


Image: Intakewater box

Carrying the following shown steering column shows the advantage that a required protective shield function at low cost is represented by the directly on foam foam and thus a further component was saved.


Bild: Lenksäulendurchführung

Folding bellows

Application / function Technical requirement Fertigungstechnologie Flexiblerubber elements to protect the structural components (E.g. joints)against external influences Highoil resistance Hightensile strength Highozone resistance Spritzgusstechnik Machinery size : 1800–4500 kN materials : NBR, CR

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Overload protection for dumper

NEW WEGU GMBH VIBRATION DAMPING Many innovative products in the chassis Tuned mass damper used, to reduce vibration tips that cause strength or acoustic problems. Vibrational energy is absorbed in the area...

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Plastic strainer

  Application / Function Terchnical requirement Manufacturer technology Pollution prevention in the vehicle exterior Fit fo rthe connection to the wheel barrel shell and the bumper Hardness/flexibility Dimensional stability Oil resistance Wash resistance Plastic injection process with semi-automated processes based...

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Interior plastic parts / Interior trims

  Application/ features Technical requirement Manufacturing technologie Parts of the instrument panel Steering column covers Speaker grille Crash-related components(for the fulfilment of the EURONCAP standards) Center consoles  High design requirements Functional components in the Visualand non-visual area Finish withd ecorative paints...

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Steering bushings

  Applications/features Technical requirements Manufacturing technology Seal between the steering rack and front wall to the implementation of the steering linkage Media and temperature resistance Sealing of the vehicle interior to all media of the...

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Forced ventilation

  Applications/features Technical requirements   Manufacturing technology Attachments to the vehicle air at overpressure inside the(highspeed,closedoors and trunk lid) Installationincar body cutting in the area of the rear bumper Defined volume flow requirements Nomedia entry from outside in...

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Transmission and chassis dumper

  Applications / features Manufacturing technology Tuned mass dampers at the different points of the body or on the drive to reduce vibration tips that would lead to acoustic and/or strength-relevant impairment Property stability...

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Exhaust damper

  Applications / features Technical requirements Manufacturing technology Vibration damper in the exhaust system to reduce vibration tips that would lead to acoustic and/or strength-relevant impairment Property stability also at high ambient temperatures Protection...

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Exhaust suspension

  Applications/features Technical requirements   Manufacturing technology Connection of the exhaust system to the chassis of the vehicle in the area of the subfloor as supporting elements for the weight of the exhaust system and the...

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TRUCK fender with spray mist reduction

  Applications / features Technical requirements Manufacturing technology Fenders for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles Spray mist reduction in accordance with EC Directive 91/226/EEC Mounting parts for commercial vehicles High design requirements...

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