Under the WEGU consists of Group of WEGU holding GmbH and their four companies WEGU GmbH value-added and WEGU SLOVAKIA s.r.o., WEGU GmbH vibration damping and WEGU GmbH lightweight systems.

The lightweight systems WEGU GmbH and the plastic production of the WEGU SLOVAKIA s.r.o. are lightweight systems strategic business unit. The vibration damping WEGU GmbH is identical with the same name strategic business units (SBUS).

WEGU holding GmbH is responsible for the management of strategic business units, the management of the land and buildings of the WEGU group in Germany, other assets of WEGU group in Germany, so far this is not recognised in the subsidiaries, as well as the management of the central services, which are strategic business units and, where appropriate, external third parties against payment available.

Our strategic business units take over the responsibility for the development, production and sales of the product groups defined on the respective core competencies. Each SBU concentrate summarizes all necessary business functions for the processes required for the manufacture and distribution of products. The cross functions such as controlling, human resources management, finance and information management, quality management and others act as service providers for the strategic business units.

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