WEGU offers its customers in the automotive industry the complete spectrum of processing for all common polymeric and elastomeric materials and Know-How for the development of products from these materials on. This includes the processing of filled and unfilled thermoplastic polymers, elastomers and rubbers. Thus, a comprehensive and targeted product development without restriction through choice of materials and manufacturing processes is possible.

Through the consistent use of our material-technical development, manufacturing and the acoustic know-how in our strategic business units, we can differentiate us from the most far larger competitors and their production adapted to mass production.

The development of components and systems with intelligent and innovative solutions is a benefit of the product and also significant weight and cost savings for our customers.


  • The story of WEGU began in 1949 in the Westphalian city of Werl. There, the 1996 late Walter Dräbing founded the Wallis rubber products factory, which gave the company its name WEGU.
  • 1959 the operation moved to Kassel, where first made accessories for motorcycles and cars.
  • 1973 was WEGU CANADA INC. founded to commercialize products developed in North America in Kassel.
  • Mid-1970s WEGU made the leap in the automotive OEM.
  • After continuous growth, WEGU came in the early 1990s in a difficult economic phase with decline and greatly reduced workforce.
  • In October 1995, Dr. Herbert Bonrath began with the strategic and operational restructuring. He took over the company as sole shareholder and sole CEO in July 1996.
  • With consequent rationalisation and numerous series starts of new, innovative products a sustainable growth managed again with increasing profitability in subsequent years.
  • Starting in the year 2000 the strategic business units were accessories, vibration damping, lightweight construction systems and WEGU CANADA INC. formed and headed by a young management.
  • In 2004, strategic business units is legally independent and restructured WEGU GmbH & Co. KG as a services company.
  • The new manufacturing site WEGU SLOVAKIA s.r.o. in PATA, Slovakia, was built in the years 2005 and 2006.
  • From 1 January 2006, Dr. Herbert Bonrath stepped down from the Executive Board and took over the Partner Advisory Board Chair, which belong to his sons, Andrew and Martin Bonrath as co-partner. The Board of Directors of WEGU is perceived by Michael Hagemann and Horst Zimmermann companies.
  • Mid-2009 the production was discontinued by rubber car mats and strainers.
  • End of 2010 was WEGU CANADA INC. sold to a Canadian financial investor. Between WEGU CANADA INC. and a cooperation agreement WEGU Europe.
  • The WEGU group receives a new shareholder with equitrust AG. Dr. Herbert Bonrath (74) and his sons have decided 2011 in Q1 on sale at equitrust because equitrust the WEGU will continue group for their own purposes. Equitrust AG is the part of a Hamburg-based, family-run Group of the entrepreneur of Erck Rickmers. The existing alignment of business is being pursued by the current Managing Director, Horst Zimmermann, consistently.
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