The quality and environmental management at WEGU has aimed to achieve the quality and environmental policy of the company and to achieve the defined quality and environmental objectives. Quality and environmental management have the status of a central management task at WEGU.
Our products and services, including purchased materials and services are as environmentally friendly as it is economically feasible after the State of the art, developed, manufactured and - as far as it is our responsibility - also be disposed of. Environmentally responsible trade, in all workplaces is the responsibility of all our employees.

We want:

  • long term get business success through entrepreneurial thinking and action and enable future secure investments.
  • comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements and the impact of operational activities on the environment collect and assess.
  • through our policies and our entrepreneurship the needs and expectations of our customers meet and quickly realize the demands of the market and the customers.
  • carefully deal with resources (materials, air, water, energy, soil) and avoid emissions.
  • already in the development take into account the effects of our products on the environment.
  • apply the economic approach to improving quality through prevention and error prevention and our production processes and our product planning actively environmentally friendly fashion.
  • through continuous training of all employees improve the qualification, the best trained personnel requirements and high demands on the skills, motivation and personal attitude of our employees make companies compared to.
  • continuously improve the quality, protection of the environment, the cost and technology through focused continuous improvement processes (CIP).
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