A key competence of the SGE lightweight systems is the production of 2K-Injection molder parts.

Air ducts in the engine compartment, manufactured in the hard / soft compound, show the advantage of stability in terms of the function to lead air, as also a possible reversible deformation if crash is up to 15 km / h. exemplary here to call the air flow to the cooling water heat exchanger. This airflow is made 2 K injection molding component as all-in-one complex.




Air flowcharge air cooler

The intake manifold for heating and air conditioning air must show a certain freedom of water, which is essentially achieved by a clever arrangement of the ribs.


Image: Intakewater box

Carrying the following shown steering column shows the advantage that a required protective shield function at low cost is represented by the directly on foam foam and thus a further component was saved.


Bild: Lenksäulendurchführung
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